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Efficient superclusters
for the Blockchain Community

Who we are

Tresorio group smart blockchain experience

TRESORIO GROUP is a leading european group dedicated to the development of the blockchain ecosystem since 2016.

Our Trading Lab is developing a professionnal High Frequency Trading platform. Arbitrage algorithm are running live and various low volatility systematic strategies are being developed.

Our Mining Lab, thanks to its former cloud mining provider experience, is creating a server-based heating system to offer heat to community facilities, factories and residential buildings.

(ICO is coming...stay tuned)

The Ultimate Efficiency

Tresorio has created a virtuous cycle combining
Energy Efficiency, High Frequency Trading and Edge Computing.

Virtuous Cooling

Thanks to a partnership with a global energy services provider, we are expanding a network of clusters located inside various buildings.
We own and operate the network and transfer the waste heat to our hosts.
We therefore develop one of the most efficient computing infrastructure.

Crypto Portfolio Management

We developed a state-of-the-art high frequency trading platform and systematic strategies based on quantitative analysis, machine learning and sentiment detection.
We provide liquidity to crypto markets and contribute to their efficiency and scalability. The profits help us expand our infrastructure.  

Infrastructure as
a Service

Combining decentralized storage and fog computing technologies, our network of clusters, capable of performing various tasks from crypto mining to scientific calculations, will soon be a powerful distributed cloud infrastructure for the blockchain community. 

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