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Tresorio heats a residential building in Montluçon, France

Tresorio is installing a new DigHeat in a residential building in Montluçon, France.

Tresorio and Dalkia have installed a DigHeat in the Mage residence in Montluçon , as part of an experiment that will last until 2023, with the aim of supplying competitive and green energy to the 48 homes that make up the Montluçon Habitat Mage residence.

Co-patented with the Dalkia group, DigHeat is a boiler that is powered by the Cloud. More specifically, it is a mini data center acting as a boiler which recovers 100% of the heat produced by computer servers to heat domestic hot water. 

In conclusion, when you use our Cloud services, our DigHeat network thus help to heat buildings such as the Mage building in Montluçon, the Mercy hospital in Metz, the Continental factory in Sarreguemines or even our own office.

What’s new in Montluçon?

Thanks to the hot water storage system added to the DigHeat in Montluçon, we can provide this green heat at any time. Indeed, the new DigHeat is now equipped with a storage system allowing to store 100% of the heat produced by our servers.

Concretely, DigHeat will have the capacity to heat the equivalent of 139 showers * / day. This is equivalent to nearly 3 showers per day per accommodation.

* 1 shower of 5 minutes at 37 ° C

One more step towards the distributed data center

Montluçon is Tresorio’s fourth location. A fourth DigHeat which means:

  • More computing power
  • More storage space
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • But also one more step towards the first distributed data center (French and eco-friendly more ?)

To find out more: Read the press release

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