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How to render in Blender© using Tresorio ?

Why choose Tresorio?

Tresorio has created an add-on in Blender© to respond to the rendering issues of studios and freelancers while allowing them to keep their habits on the software.

With our Blender© add-on, generate your renderings and animations in our Cloud in just a few clicks, without leaving Blender©. A simplified solution for quality renderings in a short time, as if you had your own farm!

  • GPU rendering
  • Intelligent resources allocation
  • Reduced rendering time

Moreover, thanks to our micro data centers that act like digital boiler, 100% of the computing power you consume is turned into hot water and helps heat buildings.


Now let’s see how to render !

Take a look at our video tutorial or read our article below

Download our add-on

Go on your personal dashboard and click on « Download the Add-on ». Download it.

Download Tresorio's add-on for Blender

Install our add-on on Blender©

Go to the Blender© menu and click on edit > preferences > install.

install Tresorio's add-on in Blender

On the left menu, select « Add-ons » and click on the « install » button on the top (next to the refresh button).

Install Tresorio's add-on in Blender

A window will appear to show you the content to be installed. Go to your « downloads » folder, select « » and click on the « Install Add-on » button.

Install Tresorio's add-on in Blender

Log in

Log in using your Tresorio’s account informations, on the right menu.

Tresorio's add-on for Blender log in

Set up your add-on

Name it. Select your render type (frame/animation). Check options needed. Select your farmer size (render pack), the number of farmers needed, and set your timeout.

Tresorio's add-on for Blender set up

Launch your rendering

Click on the « launch » button to launch your rendering. When your file is ready, download your results : click on the « download » button in « your renders » tab on the right menu. Select the folder where you want to save your file and click on « download results ».

Tresorio's add-on for Blender download result

Admire the result!

Tresorio rendering farm demo

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