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Tresorio allocates its excess computing power to research against Covid-19

To support the collective effort, Tresorio decided last week to allocate the available power of its servers to research against Covid-19 thanks to Folding@home, initiated by the prestigious Stanford University :

The Folding@home project

Folding@home is a medical research project whose goal is to simulate the folding of proteins in various configurations of temperature and pressure in order to better understand this process and gain useful knowledge that could, among other things, make it possible to manufacture new drugs, in particular against Covid-19, Alzheimer’s disease, sickle cell anemia and certain types of cancer. It is a distributed computing project that works with the unused computing power of volunteers.

Folding@home dashboard
Able to execute 1 500 quadrillion operations per second, Folding@home reaches exascale.

Folding@home is the 1st supercomputer to exceed exaflop, with more power than the world’s seven largest computers combined.

Tresorio provides all of its unused resources

We have already made more than 300 Teraflops of computing power available, which means 300,000 billions operations per second that we make possible. Tresorio is already one of the most important contributors:

Tresorio Folding@home
Tresorio’s dashboard on Folding@home

Each unused computing resource will now be dedicated to the Folding@home project.

Soon a solution to allow you to contribute to medical research

We are also working on a solution to allow you to contribute to medical research through Tresorio’s platform. Stay connected to be informed of the progress of the project!

In the meantime, you too can allocate the resources of your computer by simply downloading the Folding @ home software. Don’t hesitate to join the Tresorio team (ID = 242345).

Take care and stay home 🙂

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