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How to access your Fedora virtual machine desktop using Reemo?

Tresorio has partnered with Reemo to offer you a high performance solution for streaming your Fedora virtual machine. You will finally be able to play your games, code, draw and work on your heaviest software, all from your virtual machine.


In a few simple steps, find out how to access your Fedora virtual machine desktop.

Set up your Fedora virtual machine

First, you will need to configure your Linux virtual machine on the Tresorio platform. To do this, in your dashboard, click on “Create a virtual machine”:

Create your Tresorio virtual machine

On the configuration page, name the virtual machine you want to create, select Fedora, and adjust the power and storage space required. Set a password to access your virtual machine and confirm it.

Configure your Linux virtual machine on Tresorio

Then, in the block that appears under your server settings, you must insert your Reemo private key in order to link the virtual machine you are creating to your Reemo account.

Insert your Reemo private key

Link your Fedora virtual machine to your Reemo account

Register for free on

Go to the following page to register for free on Reemo:

Register on Reemo for free

Enter your email address and choose a password, then validate the registration form.

Watch your inbox, a code has been sent to you by email to verify your email address. Enter the 6-digit code received by email then validate.

Verify your email address Reemo

It’s okay, you’ve signed up for Reemo! You can log in using your email address and chosen password. Then, click on “SIGN IN”.

Sign in to Reemo

Generate your Reemo private key to link your Linux virtual machine to your Reemo account

You are now connected to Reemo! On the “Computers” page, click on “My private key” to make it appear.

generate your reemo private key

Copy your Reemo private key, and insert it in “Your Reemo private key” field on the creation page of your virtual machine (on Tresorio) :

Insert your Reemo private key

Confirm the creation of your Fedora virtual machine to see the created VM appear on your dashboard as well as on the “Virtual Machines” page. Your Fedora virtual machine is now linked to your Reemo account.

Linux virtual machine running

Fedora virtual machines can take several minutes to install. Monitor the status of your VM: as soon as it is “Running”, you can use it.

Access your Linux virtual machine’s desktop from Chrome

Your Fedora virtual desktop is now accessible from your Chrome browser on the following page:

Log in to your virtual working environment by clicking on the virtual machine you just linked to Reemo:

Reemo Linux computer online

The Reemo connection screen appears,

Reemo connection screen

then changes to the login screen for your remote Fedora virtual machine. Log in using the password you set for your virtual machine.

Fedora desktop access

Here you are on the desktop of your Fedora virtual PC! All you have to do is install the software you need there and then enjoy it whenever you want, from any device, via Chrome.

How to stop your remote access?

To ensure that you are not charged when you are not using your virtual machine, you will need to shut it down from Tresorio’s platform. To shut down your VM, click on the power button on the right:

Linux virtual machine running

Your VM status will then change from “running” to “stopped”. Back on your Reemo portal, you will see your “Computer” offline:

Reemo computer offline

Note that if you shut down your virtual PC through your Fedora desktop, the linked virtual machine will continue to run.

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