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How to create a JupyterLab™ Workspace with Tresorio ?

Discover Tresorio Workspaces, a new Cloud IDE for creating, developing, updating, and executing code, integrated into our platform. Access to your usual JupyterLab™ environment and allocate the computing power you need to accelerate your projects.


Watch the video tutorial or follow the steps below:

Launch your workspace

Log into

Set up and launch your workspace

Create your first workspace by clicking on the ‘add a workspace’ button on the dashboard. You can also access it via the Cloud Computing menu -> Your Workspaces. Then click on ‘Create your first workspace’:

Name your workspace, select a pre-installed environment from TensorFlow 2.1, TensorFlow 1.14 and Pytorch, and choose the power pack suited to your needs (you can readjust it at any time). To launch your workspace, confirm your configuration.

Well done! You have just created your first workspace. To launch it, click on the ‘play’ button:

How to link a dataset to your workspace?

You can link and manage your datasets within your workspace. To link a new dataset to your workspace, you must first upload it. In the main menu ‘Cloud Computing’, click on ‘Your datasets’:

You can now add a dataset. Click on ‘add a new dataset’:

Then, name your dataset, and select the file or folder you want to import. Click on ‘save’ to import the dataset.

Your dataset has been successfully imported:

You can now link your dataset to the workspace you have created by clicking on ‘your workspaces’ in the ‘Cloud Computing’ menu.

Then, click on the name of your workspace in the workspaces list to access it.

Back in your workspace, in the right menu, click on ‘settings’, then on ‘+’ to link your dataset.

Choose the dataset you just imported from the list, then click save:

Your dataset has been successfully imported into your workspace.

Change your powerpack at any time

You can modify the computing power allocated to your workspace at any time. Add CPU and GPU when needed during the execution of your project, by going to the ‘settings’ tab in the right menu, and click on ‘change powerpack’:

How to share your workspace?

Need to collaborate with someone? Share the url of your workspace to your team and allow them to contribute to your workspace. To do so, click on the ‘Share my workspace’ button, the workspace url will be copied to the clipboard.

If you have linked a dataset to the workspace, the person to whom you share your workspace will also see the dataset.

How to stop your workspace?

To save your credits, pause your workspace by clicking on the following button:

Your workspace will be automatically saved. You can download it by clicking on the ‘download’ button on the workspaces list.

How to delete your workspace?

To delete your workspace, click on the trash icon. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the action. Type the name of the workspace to delete and click on confirm. You workspace has been deleted.

We do not save any copies of your workspace. If you decide to delete it, this action is irreversible.

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