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Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot find my virtual machine credentials. How to connect to my virtual machine?

The login of your virtual machine is indicated in your dashboard. Your password is the one you entered when creating your virtual machine.

I stopped my virtual machine, and now that I want to restart it, it says "insufficient resources". Why?

When you stop or archive your virtual machine, your VM is saved but you may encounter some delay to restart it, as your computing resources may have been given to an other user. We recommend you to try again later. When an other user decides to stop/archive its VM, the slot is available again. Be sure that we are doing our best to satisfy our users: we are constantly deploying new servers in order for you to have the best and smoothest possible experience.

How can I reach the helpdesk?

Tresorio’s support team can be contacted 24/7 by email at the following address or via the contact form available at this address:

How is your virtual machine service billed?

When your virtual machine is on, your credits are deducted per minute according to the resources used. When your virtual machine is stopped, you only pay for the storage used, i.e. 0.0019€/TB/minute or the equivalent of 83.52€/TB/month. When you archive your virtual machine, you only pay for the space used on our secure archiving system, i.e. 0.00023€/TB/minute or the equivalent of 10€/TB/month If you decide to stop or archive it rather than deleting it, you’ll have to pay for the storage in order for us to be able to restart it with the same data.