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Your custom virtual machine

Rent a custom Virtual Private Server and enjoy the power of Tresorio Cloud! You’ll only pay for what you use and it’s non-biding.

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Virtual Private Server

Your custom Virtual Private Server

Renting a virtual private server at Tresorio is the ideal compromise to put all your projects into production, independently. Configure your custom VPS and access it in minutes.

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    From the customization of components (RAM, CPU, GPU) to your environment settings, you can fully customized your Virtual Private Server.

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    Create snapshots to record the status of your VPS and restore them at any time.

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    Real time Monitoring

    Watch your VPS activity in real time: from resources usage (RAM, CPU) to disk and network performances.

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    Thanks to our micro datacenters that act like boiler, 100% of the computing power you consume is turned into hot water and helps to heat buildings.

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    Controlled budget

    We are committed to providing you with the best possible service at a reasonable and transparent cost. Pause your VPS to stop paying. You only pay when your VPS is active.

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    Made in France

    Our micro datacenters are assembled in France. In addition you are protected by the regulations in force (GDPR).

Tailored costs for customized VPS

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Pay only for what you use

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