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Workspace: A Cloud IDE powered by Tresorio

Your flexible and collaborative workspace, hosted and powered by Tresorio Cloud. In your Workspace, simply code in your usual programming language on JupyterLab™, Tresorio provides you with the power you need! test

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Cloud Computing Tresorio

Your Cloud IDE powered by Tresorio Cloud

Without installing anything, develop and execute your code alone or in collaborative mode through our platform, and add CPU and GPU instances if necessary to speed up your projects.

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    Accessible and optimized

    Without installing anything, create your dedicated Workspace and access it in a few seconds directly from our platform

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    Adjust the power you need at any time, up to 4 GPUs (Nvidia Turing).

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    Share your Workspace and your datasets and contribute simultaneously with your team or students, while keeping control of the management of your resources.

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    Dataset management

    Safely store your dataset library, link it to your projects at any time and share them live.

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    Persistence of your workspaces

    Stop your workspace and restart your project where you stopped it, your progress is automatically saved.

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    Thanks to our DigHeat™, 100% of the heat generated by your data is transformed into hot water and contributes to heating buildings.

Transparent and reasonable pricing

Select the powerpack that best fits your project and discover the hourly price. Your credits will be deducted per minute of use.

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